Sunday, January 28, 2018

Riverdale Review: Season 1

So, decided to give Riverdale a shot after hearing a gajillion decent rave reviews about it, as well as it being renewed for second season (and also coz my sis in law was watching it and it intrigued me) and my curiosity peaked seeing the characters.

Here's my play-by-play review of each episode leading to the season finale of Riverdale Season 1:

Episode 1-2

  • It's so weird and familiar at the same time to watch familiar characters behaving in non-familiar roles LOL It's like watching an AU of Archie we grew up and loved
  • For starters they changed skin colour and ethnicity of some characters, which I have nothing against, but needs time to get used to. Like Reggie: Asian jerk; Josie and the Pussycats: All black casts; Weatherbee: black and thin, Coach Clayton: still around, completely taking both roles of himself and the fat gym teacher; Pop Tate: black; Kevin and Moose: brunette instead of blondes; and Grundy: sexy young music teacher instead of old thin English teacher
  • I was like seeing Archie n Grundy and like "Noooo.... That's just wrong..." Coz I can't picture Grundy as young and sexy LOL
  • Oh and Dilton Doiley is Asian nerd LOL Stereotyping much?
  • Betty is kinda one dimensional, just like the comics, but at the same time, I think this Betty is interesting, like tortured soul who wants to break out but forced to be perfect, tho maybe has a split personality problem
  • Apparently they decided to give Betty a sibling and turn Jughead bk to being an only child LOL In the comics he has a baby sister named Jellybean
  • Jughead here is so emo~~ But I like it 😁😁😁 Jughead has always been my fav character in the comics

Episode 3
  • OMG they made Chuck a jock jerk LOL He's supposed to be the coach's son who loves football n has a talent for drawing comics LOL The lovable black teddy bear Almost forgot to mention tht apparently Moose is a closet fluid? Interesting... N where's Midge?  
  • Josie is such a high and mighty entitled diva attitude tho LOL I get wat she's trying to fight for, bt she doesn't hv to hv such an attitude abt it
  • Personally I think the actress suits Veronica, she's got the rich bitch look LOL
  • Geez, hardcore much? I prefer u go back to be ur lovable nerdy self like in the comics, Dilton LOL

Episode 4
  • OMFG Cheryl Blossom is such a bitch in this series. She's not so bad in the comics, bt in the series she's devil incarnate
  • OK looks like they didn't cut out Jughead's sister Jellybean after all, she was mentioned in the current episode I'm watching
  • *gasp* Grundy is not Grundy?? The pic in the news article is a more accurate representation of Grundy LOL
  • I just realized Archie is missing his trademark freckles
  • Wait, who? Jennifer Gibson? Certainly not a character I know in the comics
  • Interesting new look for Big Ethel though, instead of the familiar tall lanky thin girl with buck teeth. I hv a feeling they used the old concept design of Big Ethel for Riverdale
  • So weird to see Archie's dad not being the lovable chubby balding clueless dad we all know
  • Hermione Lodge is Hispanic and not the graying old mother in the comics, weird but at the same time refreshing
  • Ooh, n it turns out Hermione is just as corrupt as her hubby Hiram, as well as Josie's mom the Mayor. Hmmm... Kinda curious wat Hiram Lodge would look like in this Riverdale incarnation
  • Hmm... Jennifer Gibson aka Grundy seems to hv a vry predictable bk story, I can see it a mile away. Can we trust her?
  • Why did they make Betty's mom so...ugh! I hate her so much right now, coz she reminds me of my abusive tiger mom... N the actor playing Betty's dad looks kinda familiar, I can't put my finger on it. A little help, guys?
  • What's with all the pink, Alice Cooper, n snooping on ur kid's room n diary? Reli now?
  • Smithers looks almost accurate, just missing the balding features LOL
  • Hermione Lodge n Fred Andrews were a fling? Reli now... Interesting...
  • Is Southside Serpents a thing in the comics?
  • Aww, Archie finally breaking it off amicably with 'Grundy'. Very mature of him to do
  • Ugh!! Way to ruin a perfect beautiful breakup, Alice fucking Cooper!!
  • Who the hell is Joaquin?? Is he in the comics?? He is HOT!!
  • Oh my~!! Kevin~!! U scored urself a hot one~!! Romeo n Juliet moment alert~ 😍😍😍
  • Awwww~~ Kid pictures of Jughead n Jellybean~~ 😍😍😍
  • Wait, what?? Jughead's dad is the leader of the Southside Serpents?? 😱😱😱 #mindblown

Episode 5

  • How is Kevin able to reconstruct the murder board after looking at it only once? Does he hv photographic memory??
  • Is Trevor canon in the comics? His name sounds awfully familiar tho
  • Oooh~~ The famous Archie-Reggie rivalry is on! 
  • Veronica n Cheryl frenemies? Finally, something canon btwn them Whatever happened to Mr Jones' balding thin dad look? LOL Not that I'm complaining, Riverdale Mr Jones is hot 😜😜😜
  • A Cheryl Blossom slumber party? This spells bad news...
  • Looks like Archie's dream of being a musician is bk on track. Is Reggie gonna get the captain title?
  • Archie's new music teacher looks like a no-nonsense type of guy
  • The actors for the Blossom parents looks kinda familiar tho... (This is wat happens wen ur a movie n TV buff. Every single actor looks familiar to u LOL)
  • At least Betty is not fully girly girl, they retain her comic canon with her knowledge on cars 
  • Well, I was expecting Polly to be sent to a group home coz she was disowned or coz she was doing drugs. Didn't expect it was bcoz she attempted suicide after a bad breakup 
  • My preliminary prediction: Jason Blossom tries to elope with Polly, n things went South btwn them n Jason decided to go thru with it alone coz family problems #Riverdale
  • Ahh, the Blue & Gold, the classic journalism room, tho I remember it being run by Archie n Betty, with Juggie being the silent member
  • Isn't Archie n the boys more on the basketball team than the football team tho?
  • I still prefer Betty/Archie over Veronica/Archie tho...
  • Yeesh, Veronica having dinner with the Blossoms. I feel awkward already. N wats up with Nana Rose? She looks like the stereotype creepy grandma in the rich eccentric family in horror movies 😲😲😲
  • Geez, now I dunno who I hate more, Betty's mom or Cheryl's mom
  • Well... Someone's sending a msg to Hermione...
  • Still feels weird tht Betty is not an only child in this Riverdale incarnation
  • Jason looks more pretty than handsome. Too pretty in fact. There's no way he's straight. I mean hv u seen those lips?
  • Veronica wanna help Cheryl revolt against her parents? Sure, real good idea, V *sarcasm*
  • How is Jughead able to afford stuff for himself, let alone a nice suit for the Blossom funeral wen he's sorta homeless n not living with his Serpents dad?
  • Let's see wat Cheryl n Veronica hv up their sleeves for the Blossom funeral
  • I keep forgetting that Archie's real name is actually Archibald *snort* N I always thought Betty's name was just Betty, not Elizabeth
  • Isn't it weird to wear ur beanie with the suit, Juggie?
  • Woah, Cheryl. White for a funeral, n the clothes u wore during Jason's disappearance? Bold move, girl, bold move
  • Pretty suitable song n beat for her entrance tho LOL Shout out ur defiance, Cheryl
  • Kinda creepy that Mrs Blossom thinks Archie is like Jason, just coz of his red hair
  • Snooping on a dead man's room? Sacrilege much? LOL
  • "The horror, the horror~!" - Jughead, 2017
  • 😨😨😨 Nana Rose revealed something crucial abt Jason n Polly's relationship!! Is my prediction true??
  • So weird, just noticed Nana Rose hv a single streak of red hair in her gray hair
  • Well, apparently there is blood feud btwn the Coopers n the Blossoms, n the sins of the father is being paid by the blood of the son's
  • The Coopers r now in the murder board, tho I suspect Betty's mom might be the person who destroyed the murder board at Sheriff Keller's. Betty's dad looked pretty bewildered looking at those files
  • Afterthought: Kinda weird tht the blood feud is btwn the Coopers n the Blossoms. In the comics, it's usually btwn the Blossoms n the Lodges

Episode 6

  • Juggie having breakfast at the Coopers? Dealing with Alice? Awkwaaaaaaard~~~
  • Ooh, looks like Jughead's presence at breakfast has an ulterior motive
  • Archie choked on stage #cringe
  • Archie and Valerie now?
  • Polly's group home sounds more like a prison than a group home 
  • OMG Josie is such a hard-ass in this #Riverdale incarnation. Where is the sweet comic Josie that we know n love? 😐😐😐
  • Uh-oh, someone caught their mom making out with their BFF's dad. N the Andrews being divorced is so wrong~
  • OK, looks like Archie n Valerie might be a thing, Josie is pressured to meet her mom's expectation of representation, n Josie n Veronica r using each other to get bk at ppl out of spite. Surely things can go great from here *sarcasm*
  • Finally we get to hear Polly's side of the story, n my prediction was right abt them eloping, n it makes me hate Alice even more 😬😬😬 So if they nvr met, wat happened to Jason? Whodunnit?
  • Polly's story is confirmed! Poor Josie didn't get her father's approval! Archie n Veronica bk as BFFs! Archie didn't choke n didn't suck! Betty n Jughead r a thing! So many feels!
  • P/S: Archie n Valerie is a thing! N Fred n Hermione is sort of a thing! Tho how're u gonna explain u forging ur daughter's signature? And geez, just because your daughter doesn't like jazz the way you do, you have to diss her like that? On her own talent show? Fuck you, "Dad of the Year"
  • I definitely see tht car evidence gonna be destroyed one way or another a mile away, tho instead of my expectations of Polly being removed from the group home, I didn't expect her to run away herself. The suspense is killing me! On to the next episode

Episode 7

  • OMG! I can't even!! 😂😂😂

  • Why does everyone in Riverdale hv an effed up family?? Whatever happened to the wonderful carefree Archie Comics family-friendly world~? 😵😵😵 #toogritty
  • Hello~ Airing out ur dirty laundry where ppl can hear u n text n spread rumours abt? Reli, guys? 
  • Looks like everyone has seen that Betty n Jughead r a thing
  • Hah! Take tht, Blossoms. N why is Cheryl so sad n upset n literally in tears wen she heard Polly preggers? Is the twincest true?
  • So Polly is hiding in the attic all this time, n Cheryl wants to help. I don't trust u, Cheryl. N nice father n son moment with the Andrews n the Jones at Pop's, aww~~
  • Uh-oh, Keller n Weatherbee saw the murder board n now Jughead's being interrogated. Wats gonna happen? 😱😱😱
  • Well, looks like Cheryl did something right for once. N Polly is safe under the Lodge's protection. Bt wait, WTF is Jason's football jacket doing in Jughead's dad's closet?? WTF is this twist??

Episode 8

  • Archie n Jughead BFFs again 😊😊😊
  • Andrews joining in the fray to declare war with the Blossoms? Great~ A baby shower with Coopers, Blossoms head2head in Lodge territory? Great~ 😒😒😒
  • Juggie is buff AF! 😍😍😍

  • Cat's outta the bag for FP, now Arch knows he's a Serpents head, tho I suspect Jughead might hv an idea
  • Yup, saw that go wrong from miles away #babyshowergonewrong
  • Uh-oh, another revelation from Polly, tots didn't expect that
  • Where's Hotdog? Where's Juggie's trusty dog? As far as I know, only Jug has a dog, not Arch 
  • Well, another Cooper secret unveiled by the Cooper couple, n looks like Polly is bk in the Cooper family fold sans the Cooper dad. How is tht gonna pan out?
  • Joaquin is just playing with Kevin's feelings? Nooooo~~ Polly chooses to stay with the Blossoms instead of her Cooper family? Nooooo~~ Serpents hv a hand behind Jason's murder after all? Nooooo~~

Episode 9
  • Well, looks like the nxt episode of Riverdale started off plenty of ulterior motives n foreshadowing, most of them I fear not too good
  • Archie is now one foot into the Blossom lion's den bcoz he made a deal with the redhead devil, n he has unwittingly become the Cooper's fox in the henhouse as well. Oh classic Archie to get into murky sticky situations
  • So I guess Veronica and Big Ethel are gonna be BFFs as well?
  • "The ice woman cometh" - Jughead, 2017
  • Bribing Archie with gifts now, Cheryl? Real low. I have a deep strong feeling that the Blossoms are doing it as a way to use Archie as their substitute son
  • I'd listen to your dad and your BFF Juggie if I were you, Arch
  • Cooper hubby firing Cooper wifey over personal disputes and personal vendetta against each other. This is one of the reasons why husband and wife shouldn't work together in a business, guys
  • Yup, I was sort of right. Mr Blossom sees Archie as a substitute son, sorta. All because of his damn red hair...
  • Classic Cheryl, to try and drive a wedge between Arch and Valerie. And I thought they'd have something going there
  • Oooohhhh boy, guess Veronica's Good Samaritan act is not going so well... Why do I have a feeling Veronica is sorta doing this more of to atone her father's sins?
  • After rewatching A Dog's Purpose, I finally realized that young Ethan is played by Archie, with his original brunette hair LOL
  • Oh gosh, superimposing red on Archie. It's almost like there's some sort of sick twisted meaning behind this Blossom parents' intentions...
  • Oooh, so THAT'S why Polly wants to stay with the Blossoms. Be careful about being a double agent/spy, Polly, in your condition, it's not ideal
  • Ouch, sometimes truth hurts, even if you're the one trying to tell it, V
  • Cheryl is not "awesome", Arch. Don't get caught in the Blossom drama
  • Too late, you're caught, Arch.
  • Aha! Finally Arch, you've caught on to the Blossom game
  • With all the damage Hiram Lodge leaves in his wake, now I'm REALLY curious how Hiram looks like if he shows up in the next season
  • Glad you've come to your senses, Arch, though maybe at the cost of your music career and your dad's livelihood
  • Alice Cooper working in Blue & Gold? I dunno...
  • Oops, looks like Arch/Val is no more. Pretty sure it's almost accurate to the comics that Betty and Veronica seem to be the only constant women in his life
  • Well, I guess V and Big E are back as BFFs again
  • Another name added to the murder board (Hiram Lodge) and there seems to be a foreshadowing that spells trouble from the Blossoms

Episode 10
  • So much foreshadowing in the previously segment
  • The Andrews divorced? The Jones separated? This is not my Archie comics universe, guys~! T_T
  • Surprise party for my fav boi Juggie~! Judging by the slight foreshadowing scenes during Jughead's narration, it can go one way or another, and my gut is telling me it's south :/ 
  • Chuck is back? This can't be good and Betty definitely has some anger or split personality issues judging by how she cuts herself clenching her fists everytime she's agitated
  • Ooh, Blossoms guilty of ruining Lodges' life for the sake of getting out of payment? Wouldn't surprise me
  • Oh, Blossom vs Lodge dance battle is SO on!
  • Arch having cold war with his dad over the divorce, and prolly gonna makes some stupid decisions that are booze-related, and a clandestine meeting between Cheryl and Chuck? Oh boy, this south feeling is going even more south in my books
  • Wow, Hiram, threatening your daughter if she doesn't testify for you in court? What a new low
  • Betty, I think your BOYFRIEND deserves to know your psycho split personality side, dontcha think? Much more important than him not telling you his birthday
  • Awww~~~ Betty wearing the Juggie beanie symbol on her shirt, so cute~~~
  • "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Jughead~ Happy birthday to you~!"
  • Seriously, I get that you don't like big birthday celebrations, but your girlfriend is putting effort into it, the least you could do is appreciate it. And oh god, Arch, please don't take out your anger on your dad by letting the worst news (aka Cheryl and Chuck) of Riverdale into your home
  • OMG, Jughead, stop overanalyzing everything! Stop doing this to yourself and appreciate someone doing something nice for you! Don't do this between you and Betty! Geez~!
  • Oh crap, what is Cheryl and Chuck up to now? And why is FP not doing anything to handle these kids?
  • Secrets and Sins? Really? And why are YOU in charge, Cheryl? It's Juggie's birthday, not yours >:C
  • Oooh, Blossom vs Lodge's dirty laundries. Nice. And Dilton is odd as an Asian, although the books doesn't specifically say what race he is. I'm more used to him being shorter and not so psycho though...
  • Wow, Juggie has a mean right hook! Won't see him do THAT in the comics. And FINALLY FP stepping in and be a dad for once
  • Wait, what? Alice Cooper was a Southsider? A Serpent? Well then!
  • Juggie without his beanie! Finally! LOL And good, you manned up and apologized to your girl. Now kiss and make up!
  • Birds of a feather kiss together, I guess. I still prefer Betty with Archie over Veronica with Archie though...
  • Aww, Archie is such a gentleman, even when partially drunk, letting Veronica sleep on his bed and he take the floor
  • So weird to see Smithers as the footman instead of the family butler though
  • Eating an entire cake and drinking milk out of the box? That's the Juggie I know ;P
  • "Small town, but not that small?" What are you implying, Alice Cooper?
  • Well, Mrs Andrews is back in town. Guess your drunk-dialing worked. What would happen next?
Episode 11
  • Is this previously scene foreshadowing trying to say that Archie might leave with his mom given the chance now??
  • Well, they kept the Mrs Andrew hair curls, though again, prefer the comics' chubby mom look
  • FP looks SLIGHTLY closer to the comics now that he's got a shave, but honestly, I prefer him with the beard for this incarnation
  • FP trying to low-key discourage him from pursuing the Jason Blossom case, hmmm...
  • Aaaaaand Archie/Veronica moment is off again
  • Alice Cooper being the paranoid suspicious Alice Cooper again...
  • So Mr Blossom is trying to fight age with redhead wigs. I can see why Hermione Lodge would call him a wig-wearer
  • Oooh boy, V, you sure you wanna jeopardize your friendship with Betty for this, just to investigate her boyfriend's dad?
  • Nvm, on second thought, I think they nailed Mrs Andrew's look LOL
  • Moooom~~ Alice Cooper is at it again~~!!
  • What's with all the parents ambushing their kids with sudden news in this episode??
  • Well, Juggie is sort of right about a rendezvous, just not for the reason he'd think
  • Polly is really treading over dangerous waters, girl
  • One for every mood, Mr Blossom? Boy, you sure are insecure about your whites...
  • ~le gasp~ Nana Rose's ring is in Mrs Blossom's room? The plot thickens!
  • Alice, STFU! You promised! And oooooh~~ Looks like Betty brought out her trump card!
  • You're not gonna find anything, you guys. FP has already taken care of that with Joaquin
  • Great, what yarn will the Blossoms spin this time?
  • I have a very strong suspicion and a very bad feeling about that milkshake, Polly...
  • Cooper-Jones dinner is getting sooooooooooo awkward~~~~
  • I have a feeling Cheryl might just be lying as much as the Blossoms did...
  • "Yea, though I walk through the Valley of Darkness, and Archie Andrews is there with a smile and a sports metaphor" - Veronica, 2017
  • Juggie leaving Riverdale? Say it isn't so!
  • Alice Cooper and Mary Andrews rivals? Hmmm~ That's just not right...
  • Archie and Veronica singing covers at the Homecoming Dance. Interesting. Archie sorta has a nice voice, and so does Veronica, but it doesn't really 100% pop
  • Uh-oh, the po-po found something Arch and V couldn't the first time. Is it planted? Coz FP looks just as surprised
  • Why is Kevin always the go-to guy to ask if anyone asks about someone's whereabouts? And why is he always the one up to date on gossips? LOL "You all need tracking devices" - Kevin, 2017
  • Oh no! Friendships are crashing! Trusts are broken! FP is arrested! Evidence may be planted (?) This is turning out so wrong!
  • Did FP REALLY kill Jason though? I'm not too sure about that
  • I knew it! I knew it! I called it! I knew the ring had to still be with Cheryl!
  • My prediction: Cheryl is the killer all along, and she has been framing people left and right to throw everyone off the track. Twincest is getting more and more plausible by the minute

Episode 12
  • Gee, parents, thanks a lot. We're supposed to trust you guys, you know
  • Ronnie and Juggie both looking to skip town, for their own reasons, apparently. I still call dibs on Cheryl being the killer
  • FP, why are you confessing to a murder you didn't commit?? I'm calling it: someone made you a deal to falsely confess for their crimes!
  • It's motherfucking Mr Blossom! I know it! Either motherfucking Cheryl or motherfucking Mr Blossom! I'm calling it!
  • Uh-oh... Juggie facing Cheryl? Not good...
  • Don't apologize, Jug! Your dad didn't do it!
  • Oh god, trying to imagine them in their comic form saying those lines... just feels so wrong...
  • Nice going, Mr Andrews. What, the sins of the father has to be paid by the blood of the son and all that crap now?
  • Ooh, so it was Hal Cooper who took the files, not Alice as I suspected. See? It's so obvious FP was framed! WTF is going on??
  • Wait, wait, wait, waaaaaaiiiiiittttt~~ Hold the fuck up! The Coopers are the Blossoms all along?! What the fucking fuck??!!
  • Oh god, twincest, inbreeding... This is fucked up, man~
  • OK, so Jason and Polly are technically third cousins or whatever, guess they're not TOO closely related
  • Wait, if Hal's a Blossom, why doesn't he have red hair? Why didn't Betty or Polly get red hair? Surely the redhead genetics would've been pretty strong
  • Heart-to-heart talk between Juggie and FP there... #mykokoro #myfeels
  • FP hinting something? Seems like it
  • Alright, #realtalk from Joaquin, the lynch pin of this whole operation
  • Sister-sister, back together~! (hey that rhymes)
  • So hard to associate the lovable Riverdale with the underbelly of crime, drugs and gangsters...
  • Hermione now breaking under all that pressure. Ronnie is definitely as strong as she looks
  • One last kiss goodbye #ishippreppysnake
  • What's with that spider pendant Cheryl is always wearing on her shirt somehow? Is it hinting something?
  • OK, still leads to the biggest suspect somehow, the Blossom parents, if not Cheryl
  • Well, at least that part of Betty is sorta true to the comics, her brains that is #pendrivefound
  • What? What is in the drive? WHAT??

  • THAT does NOT look like good news, people! #whatsinthedrive

  • OK, first thoughts: the REAL incest is between Mr Blossom and Jason Blossom, and somehow the pendrive contains video evidence of their sexual acts or whatever, and Mr Blossom kills Jason coz of him eloping with Polly
  • Well, to be fair, FP did do those other things except murder. He still has to answer for that
  • FP is still in jail, Hiram Lodge is returning to the Lodge family, Archie is staying in Riverdale, the Blossom ladies are throwing Mr Blossom under the bus, and Mr Blossom conveniently killed himself and turns out he had been secretly dealing drugs under the guise of maple syrup business. This turned out to be a "great" closure, guys *sarcasm*

Episode 13
  • Well, I guess incest between Cheryl and Jason, or Mr Blossom and Jason is out of the table, though why am I not surprised that Blossom might have another nefarious business besides selling maple syrup. I mean, you can't exactly get rich from maple syrup alone
  • I barely even know this town anymore, Fred Andrews...
  • Well, at the way his influence goes around, Hiram might just be the Godfather
  • Really, Mayor? Setting up Archie and Betty as the heroes of Riverdale and just sweep everything under the rug like everything is just over and done with? Really now?
  • Phew, Veronica/Archie out in the open turns out not so bad, I guess, though I doubt Betty is 100% OK with it
  • Oh boy, are the Blossoms gonna do it? End it there and then?
  • Archie, are you starting to have FEELINGS for Betty now, when she's actually OK with you and Ronnie?
  • Hiram and Hermione Lodge buying Fred Andrews' business. Geez... Everything here in this Riverdale incarnation is so fucked up!
  • Cheryl is quitting cheerleading? Is she gonna quit Riverdale too?
  • "Something wicked this way comes" - Betty, 2017
  • NOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~ Juggie is leaving Riverdale~~~~~~~~~~ Damn you, meddling social workers!
  • Seriously, is Southside a thing in the comics? Southside High and all that?
  • Everyone has a darkness in them in this entire frickin Riverdale town, FP
  • It seems almost like Cheryl is trying to hint that she's actually leaving Riverdale (or maybe even this world)
  • Is it just me or the snow they're generating is a little too unnatural?
  • Wait, WTF? Betty has another sibling?? A brother?? Is that who that Chic Cooper everyone is talking about in Twitter??
  • A blond Adonis? More like a redhead, if the Blossom genes were any indication
  • Juggie is already in Southside High? With so much security detection at the door and stuff? He's gonna crack or go dark, I just know it
  • Looks more like a prison school for boys than a high school, if you ask me. And who is that long haired brunette cutie?
  • Juggie making friends with Southsiders already? Wow, I'm impressed :O
  • Archie? Please don't do this, not when you already established a thing with Ronnie. You're not gonna have second thoughts about your feelings for Betty >:C
  • Am I calling it right now? Is Cheryl really gonna off herself?
  • The Famous Four, together, just like in the comics. Such a sight to behold. Oh god, they've witnessed one Blossom twin dead, they're not about to allow another
  • Trying to imagine this scenario of the Famous Four trying to save Cheryl in comics form right now...
  • Ouch, that must hurt a ton on those knuckles, though prolly you won't feel it coz of the adrenaline rush and the cold
  • Are you sure, Arch? Are you sure Veronica will the soulmate, that she'll be The One? Or is Veronica right about your feelings for Betty? The wistful longing?
  • Throwback a little though: The way Cheryl and Mrs Blossom just gave up the man of the house so easily is just kinda...too simple, isn't it? Makes me kinda suspect that maybe they killed him and make it look like a suicide? I wouldn't put it past them
  • Looks like Josie and the Pussycats are just gonna do what they wanna do, despite the mayor's intentions. Sticking it up to the (wo)man!
  • Juggie going to a foster family. Mai boi~ It's so wrong~
  • I hate to admit it, but with Juggie's temperament in this incarnation, I think he'd pretty fit right in
  • Jughead is a survivor, and he always will be, even if Riverdale implodes on itself  #BelieveinJughead
  • 75 years of Riverdale? Wow, is that how long the comic has been around, or just this incarnation?
  • Everyone is sticking it up to the (wo)man today in this Jubilee LOL
  • Preach, Betty Cooper! Preach!
  • A toast to the Famous Four! Milkshakes galore!
  • "I love you, Betty Cooper" - Jughead, 2017; "Jughead Jones, I love you" - Betty, 2017 #feelsoftheyear
  • The Famous Four are getting lucky tonight~~ Finally, the yummy nasty side of Riverdale~~
  • Wait, wait, Hot Dog?? Belonging to the Serpents??
  • Jughead becoming a Serpent? Colour me impressed but I still worry for the future ahead, though if it's Juggie, he can weather it through #BelieveinJughead
  • Well, at least two of the Famous Four got lucky =3=

~deep breath, deep breath~

Alright, peeps. This is my comments so far from my binge watch marathon of Riverdale. Overall, it's a rather big of a roller coaster ride with feels and emotions all over the place. The second season has been renewed for 23 episodes, which is like 10 extra episodes than the first season, but we're gonna wait till it's fully completed and released before carrying on with our binge watch again.

Hear from me soon!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Summary: Though Kevin (James McAvoy) has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all of the others....

Rating: 9/10


Finally got down to watch Split after getting the clear Blu-ray copy.

Absolutely amazing, suspenseful and your mind reeling as to which personality out of the 23 will pop up next, and whether or not The Beast will actually show up and wondering how he will look like (though I was expecting him to look like how the drawings we're portrayed of him).

Once I've looked it up, these are the names of all the personalities of this guy, whom he nicknamed them all as The Horde:

Kevin (the original personality)
Mary Reynolds
Mr. Pritchard
The Beast

And the ending!! OMFG the ending!! A lot of people talk about the shocking twist, and rumours about the next sequel called Glass, but seeing Dunn and hearing the familiar Unbreakable music at the end was an absolute OMFG moment!!

Now I can't wait to see the upcoming movie Glass and the face-off between Dunn and The Horde!!

M. Night Shyamalan had definitely made a comeback with this amazing movie, after his moderate success in returning to his roots with his horror movie The Visit, and the King of Plot Twists has delivered his best twist yet! Highly recommended to watch, but for those who didn't watch Unbreakable, check that out first so that you will understand the significance of the twist ending.


Summary: Recently dumped by his girlfriend, slacker Rell (Jordan Peele) finds some happiness when a cute kitten winds up on his doorstep. After a heartless thief steals the cat, Rell recruits his cousin Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) to help him retrieve it. They soon learn that a thug named Cheddar (Method Man) has the animal, and he'll only give it back if the two men agree to work for him. Armed with guns and a gangster attitude, it doesn't take long for the hapless duo to land in big trouble.

Rating: 8/10


Absolute hilarity at its best, these YouTubers Key and Peele have moved up in the world since their skit days on YouTube delivering hilarious, albeit slightly offensive, jokes. To be honest, I've never really actually watched their channel coz maybe their kind of humour is not really my cup of tea, especially if I were to watch them all in one sitting, but in a comedy movie like this, it definitely works. There are some cringy moments there, but overall it's hilarious and action-packed, especially when a nerd and a slacker tries to pull off being one of the rumoured bad-ass assassins of all time, which ironically, is played by them as well, so they're playing dual roles in this LOL

Plus, the kitten is just SO FUCKING CUTE~!!!

If you're not too offended by vulgar language and love an action-packed scene and a little bit of senseless but fun humour in it, give this a shot. It's really worth it

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tale As Old As Time...

Summary: Belle (Emma Watson), a bright, beautiful and independent young woman, is taken prisoner by a beast (Dan Stevens) in its castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle's enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the beast's hideous exterior, allowing her to recognize the kind heart and soul of the true prince that hides on the inside.

Rating: 9.5/10


Beauty and the Beast (2017) is filled with nostalgia and song and dance, and while there are mini plot deviations from the animated movie, (and some extra original songs not in the animated movie) to keep it slightly fresh and original, it's about 95% true to the original animated movie. At least they had a legitimate way to explain what everyone in the fandom forums are complaining about: How the hell does no one ever notice that their prince has disappeared from the face of the earth and no ruling authority to govern their city, or how is it no one else have ever ended up accidentally stumble into his castle and find out about The Beast?

Emma Watson was PERFECT as Belle, and Luke Evans definitely played his role as Gaston pretty well. Everyone else were more or less well casted, though I didn't expect a French accent from Ewan McGregor. Ian McKellen was a perfect Cogsworth though, with his grumpy, uptight attitude LOL And I totally didn't expect Dan Stevens, who played Legion in the Marvel TV series of the same name, to be The Beast. He's actually quite good-looking, and nailed the prince look just like his animated counterpart.

I have NO idea why the gay moment is blown such out of proportion when it's barely noticeable, and I don't exactly see what the hell is all the problem. It's just a bit of a touchy-feely dance between two bromance-looking men and not even any single dreaded man-kissing or man-sex scene. In fact it pretty much goes over a child's head if they see it, and if you don't bring it up and don't say anything, no one would even notice or know it's there. Seriously, what the hell is the big deal all about? Some people just don't respect the forward times and the sexual diversity of others.

All in all, I give it a 9.5/10, but mostly it's because of my nostalgia feels. Now I feel like rewatching the animated movie to get more nostalgia feels! :D

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kong: Skull Island

Summary: This film fully immerses audiences in the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes as a team of explorers ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island

Rating: 7.5/10


Watched Kong: Skull Island last night. Pretty good for a reboot, the fight scenes and atmosphere and special effects are awesome. The pacing and scene transition might need a little work, but then again maybe the director did this with the mindset that everyone is familiar with the King Kong storyline.

Love this version of King Kong, although still can't help but compare it with the Peter Jackson version. I mean, come on, you can't exactly beat the awesome Peter Jackson version where King Kong fought THREE goddamn T-rex as well as the heartwarming chemistry between King Kong and his girl. LOL

But either way, it was an awesome shot at a reboot and definitely a great way to kickstart a monster universe series. Can't wait for the upcoming Kong vs Godzilla, which apparently is confirmed THE Godzilla from the 2014 version (the one with Bryan Cranston and our boy from Kick-Ass). Awesome sauce!

P/S: My hubby and I were the only ones who knew there was a stinger in the end credits and we were the only ones left in the cinema waiting for the credits to finish rolling to watch the stinger, so we're the only ones that day who knows what's happening! Yeah! THIS is what you call hardcore movie buffs! \m/

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Groundhog Day

Summary: One of the acknowledged classics of American comedy, "Groundhog Day" concerns TV weatherman Phil Connors, who is forced to live the same Feb. 2 over and over again until he gains some karmic -- and comic -- insight into his life.

Rating: 8/10

One of the classics and one of my favourites from Bill Murray about a arrogant dude who got stuck in a loop in a small town, forever living Groundhog Day over and over again until he finds his humility and learned to live with it one same day at a time.

First time I watched this movie was when it came out in Astro when I was in college. It's probably my sorta first stuck-in-time-loop movie (I may have watched others when I was younger, but I digress) that actually made it into my personal classic favourites, and it is one of Bill Murray's better performances since Ghostbusters.

The main mystery about this movie is that the reason why he got stuck on Groundhog's Day was never explained, and the spell/method to break the curse was never mentioned or shown. According to a declassified draft script of the movie, it had something to do with Phil pissing off a girl he used to date the day before he left to the small town for Groundhog Day, and it turns out that she had some kind of magical powers and cursed him to end up in that time loop. But then it was cut out of the finalized script to maintain the mystery of the story, and also personally, I think divine intervention is slightly less cheesy than the typical piss-off-the-wrong-person-and-get-cursed cliche. 

I read also a random trivia from that some expert calculated that based on the things the dude did in the movie and the time it takes to master them, he might have relived Groundhogs Day for at least 1,000 years! LOL But you can be the judge of that ;p

Storyline itself is solid and pretty hilarious in the right places, although there are a few moments that made me cringe, but overall it's a pretty enjoyable movie and definitely something you don't mind rewatching again from time to time, best watched during Christmas or New Year coz of the winter festive theme in it.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Did a TV series marathon binge this year (some of them a rewatch) and of all the series I've binged so far, Hannibal is the BEST TV series I've ever had the pleasure to binge.

The conversation is very sophisticated, the cinematography is brilliant, the story plot is very intelligent, the food displayed throughout the series looks so delicious and the gory scenes are OH SO DELIGHTFULLY GORY. It's one of those gory displays where you know it's terrible, it's horrible and it'll probably make you lose your appetite in more ways than one, but you JUST CAN'T LOOK AWAY! I'm not usually affected by gore, coz I literally watched the entire SAW franchise, but some scenes actually made me go UGH~!

I absolutely love the dishes Hannibal cooks, they look so delicious, But because it's the famous Hannibal we're talking about here, I can't help cringing either whenever I watch him eat or when he serves it to other people during any of his dinner functions coz YOU'RE EATING PEOPLE, GUYS!! PEOPLE!! Though a deep dark part of me can't help wanting to eat it too just to taste what they're tasting...

Not to mention the bromance between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham. They absolutely complete each other. There are no words I can describe how compatible they are throughout the series, how much they almost mirrored the relationship between Hannibal and Clarice. Both of them had the chemistry that is so amazing, you'd swear they're couples in real life (though throughout the series I kept shipping them LOL) My kokoro exploded from the feels just looking at them and their interactions. The bromance! THE BROMANCE~~!!

Mads Mikkelsen is the absolute star in the show. He has the voice and the aura to portray an authentic feeling of an intelligent, functioning psychopath, and having the looks for it (those cheekbones, damn!) certainly helped too. I dare say, he plays a much, much better Hannibal Lecter than Anthony Hopkins, though no offense to the legendary actor, of course.

It's such a shame that this show is cancelled despite the excellent ratings, but ultimately, I think it's perhaps a little too artsy and too sophisticated for the HBO palate and thus they decided to end it. At least it ended on a high note and an interesting open-ended ending that allows the fans to speculate and expand on it in their own little fandom world.

I won't spoil too much for you, but suffice to say, Hannibal is pretty much TV Series Binge of the Year for me. Highly recommended series, but please watch when you are not tired and are about to nod off or you might miss the juicy bits LOL